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NCheaven - Thank you very much for your reply. Many of the things you mention resonate with me. I do not intend to be hundreds of miles away from a fuel source as you mentioned so the smaller fuel capacity doesn't scare me off.

You mentioned good sleeping conditions even in a light chop. We intend to anchor out most of out nights aboard and often these will be in new or semi-new locations to us so obviously we are asking to end up in not the calmest anchorages.

You have, along with others on here, more varied experienced owning boats than I, and you appear happy with the way the Camano handles anchoring out in ? That is music to my ears. I was not sure this was a strength of the Camano.

I've read about the Camano and similar designs being uncomfortable in a following sea, which is common to their design. In my current boat I have not experienced this. Would you mind elaborating? About all I know is the boat gets pushed around from a the following sea due to the stern design. Does this make the boat hard to keep on course mainly?

Thanks again.
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