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There are cost/benefit reasons cruise ships can use Diesel Electric effectively, a trawler will not fit into that envelope. There have been many threads here about Diesel Electric, maybe take a look at those for some background.
There is also a segment of the marine industry dedicated to diesel electric, there is a magazine and annual shows in Europe and the US:

The consensus is that unless you have "religion" about hybrid power, or are making a statement, then it's just not quite ready for prime time in pleasure boats. Very close, but not yet.

I sat in on a seminar of where the presenter showed the operational costs of 2 brand new harbor tugs, 1 Hybrid and one conventional. The Hybrid won until you figure in battery replacement cost and then the cost analysis just blew up.

There are Duffy electric boats, Greenline, and a few others. Check out this ferry and see the tight operational envelope and the hoops they had to jump to make this viable.

In my opinion the reality is for today except for a very limited type of pleasure boat and mission (like maybe a canal boat,) the additional cost, complexity and space do not make Hybrid a valid choice....yet

My $0.02

Originally Posted by LaVolta View Post
but he was interested in the Hybrid Diesel Electric idea, because he said "Why not? Modern Cruise ships and the military are using hybrid Diesel Electric".
Anyway everybody and Moderator, I am guessing I'll have to start a new thread about the Hybrid Diesel Electric Idea, but just for this once please allow me to elaborate just a few more lines to this response o.k.
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