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RE: Adding Spinnaker Rig to Trawler Suggestions

Hello Everyone!, Wow, I love this Forum! so many awesome responses, and all of you have great advice!
This reply is directed to you all and BTW, RTF that Gif you attached was priceless! when I saw that I almost laughed so hard beer came out of my ears and my nose! Then I saw me in that Gif, I'm the slug three rows back of Mr. Heston!
O.K. so, I did speak with an old salt who is from South Africa and he is a Boat Builder, he has 2 trawlers being built in his yard as I write this response. He flat out told me....NO! to a Spinnaker for a Trawler, but he did say this " A Spinnaker will pull the bow down on a semi-displacement hull which would make the vessel almost uncontrollable, however you could still use a type of 'Chute' that leads the vessel by about 30-50 yards and would be positioned only about 20 degrees above the bow, so the chute will 'Pull' the vessel in light to low moderate winds" and then he went on " I can design the Rig for you and the cost will be in the low to mid $40's". I choked right then and there! I said "Do you mean Dollars?" he laughed and told me to forget it, but he was interested in the Hybrid Diesel Electric idea, because he said "Why not? Modern Cruise ships and the military are using hybrid Diesel Electric".
Anyway everybody and Moderator, I am guessing I'll have to start a new thread about the Hybrid Diesel Electric Idea, but just for this once please allow me to elaborate just a few more lines to this response o.k.
There are multiple reasons for the switch to Diesel Electric.
1. The DD 8V71tti's in the boat now generate about 460 H.P. and at 12-14 Kts, they burn about 25 gallons of fuel per hour, at W.O.T. they will guzzle about 40 GPH!
2. The DD's are very LOUD, and they smell,.... o.k., they actually stink.
3. The Tesla's can develop about 900 H.P. and about 950 Lb. Ft. of Torque (Last Dyno Test of Tesla Model X).
4. The Tesla's are nearly SILENT, and they do not stink.
5. The DD's that I have only have about 1700 hours on them and they run excellent, so yeah, I have been offered $15k for them and the 2:1 running gears.
6. I can buy wrecked Teslas from the Insurance sales auction for about 7k each (depending on amount of damage) which I will harvest the Motors AND the High Voltage Batteries from.
7. I have already converted a 32' cabin cruiser to electric using 2 Nissan Leaf motors, and Lithium batteries from wrecked Chevy Volts.
8. I have my own design electric motor controller that can control 2 motors, one CW the other CCW, no issue there, I wrote the software to maximize for Marine use.
9. The DD's require maintenance, oil, filters, diesel fuel, ect, ect, ect,
10. The Teslas are virtually maintenance free when used in a boat because do not need the 140 various sensors required for automobile use (No seat belts in a boat).
11. Oh btw, I also have converted a small SeaDoo Speedster to a 210 HP Nissan Leaf Motor and it runs great, AND Quiet, you can actually talk to each other while running....
most obviously the SeaDoo only weighs in at about 1200 pounds, the 32' only weighs in (with the Gasoline 454's removed) at about 8500 pounds, but the 60' Trawler weighs in at about 60k pounds so, yeah much much heavier.
The MAIN reason I wanted to try this with the large Trawler is the space available, not only living space but the mechanical space savings would be huge. The DD's are huge engines, and weigh in at a couple tons each easy, while the Teslas are small, and weigh in only at about 160 pounds each.
The boat also has 2ea. 500 gallon fuel tanks to feed the DD's, but by going Hybrid, I only need the fuel tank for the 20kw generator.
By removing the DD's and the huge fuel tanks I would have room for my ultimate idea! Are you Ready for this?
Gold Dredging equipment in the extra space!.......Yup that is the ultimate goal, turn the Pleasure Craft Trawler into a covert Gold Dredging machine!...
with the electric motors, I get quiet, and a virtually non-polluting boat and plenty of space to build out the dredging equipment and pumps.
So, there it is, all in a nut shell, so it's not just the cost of fuel, it's the total package that is important to me....O.K. so now all my new friends can tell me i'm bat crude crazy!!! hahahaha.
Moderator, I will start 2 more threads if it is o.k. 1 to do more with Hybrid Electric Propulsion and the other about mounting a gold dredging rig on a pleasure craft if it is o.k. with you?
Thank You Everybody!
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