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Adding Spinnaker Rig to Trawler Suggestions

Thank you guys for the fast replies to my question concerning adding a Spinnaker Rig to my Trawler.
RT Firefly, Yup you are right about cost of Spinnaker Rig v/s cost of Diesel Fuel, however does the cost only concern Diesel fuel?, I mean if I am not in a hurry, which I am not, could the cost be somewhat offset by reduction in running the Detroits? Also, while I am not the typical Tree Hugger kinda guy, I am concerned about all the pollution from the big Detroits. I know, I know someone will say then just get a sailboat, and yeah that is true, and I really love Sailboats, but the 60' Trawler has so much more living space, it truly is like a house with a mobile address. BTW, RT Firefly, I am also considering removing the Detroits and replacing them with Tesla Electric Motors (A subject for another thread).
D Hays, Yes! when I read your comment I instantly thought of a Parasail type set up that could lead the Yacht by maybe 50 yards or so, and in light to low moderate winds heading in the same direction I wish to go, just might fit the bill.
Rain Dog, RIGHT! great answer and advice. Yes, I can reach out to a Rigger to get some input into this. Yeah, I was watching a motorsailer flying a large Spinnaker and she was really moving along at a nice clip! I believe it was a 53' Gulfstar motorsailer, her main was 2/3 reefed, but she was moving!
So, thank all you for your help! I will post some pictures of my Boat soon, as she is currently on the hard, getting bottom job, and topsides restoration and painting work performed.
Thanks Again!
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