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Originally Posted by twistedtree View Post
Just curious. Is the exhaust side coolant jacketed, or is it dry? And if dry, is it insulated?

I don't recall the exact temp, but the compressor side of my last boat's turbo, and the air pipe leading to the aftercooler were consistently the hottest parts of the engine. That makes sense, and I suspect is one of the things to causes some variation in radiated heat with power load, even though across the power range the coolant and block temp is tightly regulated and so would not put off appreciably more heat.

Dry exhaust system.

This was on a land based emergency gen. But you're thinking is on the money. The cold side of the turbo will vary greatly with load. And can add a significant amount of radiant heat depending on how much surface area there is before it goes through the aftercooler. The engine block/heads will usually remain fairly consistent.
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