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Originally Posted by firstbase View Post
Any particular issue with the locks? They seem very straight forward as far as locks go. Haven't been through one in 40 years or so. Was going to drive down and watch for a while one afternoon just to see. St. Lucie Lock isn't too far from the house.

No issues with the locks, Clewiston and Port Mayaca were open, we just drove through. Call ahead to the lockmasters at Port Mayaca, even though the lock doors are wide open, they will call back to let you know no one is coming in from the other direction at the same time. Clewiston lock was unmanned.
When we were approaching the tie along dock at Roland Martin's Marina, our early depth alarm went off for a couple of seconds, it is set to sound at 2' below our rudders which is a total depth of 6'. That is the only time in the crossing that it sounded. I don't recall having any other concern for depth along the way.
The locks are the only ones I have ever been through that do not have valves. Once you are in and the doors behind you close, they crack the upstream doors open about a foot and the water flows in to fill the lock.
Interesting the first time.
We crossed November 27th through 29th, 2 1/2 weeks ago.
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