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Originally Posted by 78puget-trawler View Post
They do sort of have a certain charm especially if you like slow clumsy tubs like I do, LOL. The aft cabin is what made the difference for me over other boats, its a really nice feature, though there is a sacrifice in deck space.
But they're as reliable as a hammer, and have more freeboard than most 50' boats. I never felt like I was putting my family at risk on that boat even when we were really far out in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

On the aft cabin: Agreed. My small family of 3 (me, the admiral and the kid) slept in the aft stateroom. We had the twin bed to starboard and single berth to port model. The fo'c'sle was for storage and it had some leak issues for the first couple of years.

Don't know how you've addressed the leak issue with the teak decks, but I fixed mine definitively with truck bed liner. I sanded down the teak and let it dry out for a long time (kept in a warehouse for the winter) then coated with a Rhino Liner clone. It stopped all the leaks for all the previous years I owned it (7ish). Just thought I'd share because I know of a lot of other CHB owners that spent a ton of time/money on ripping up the teak and fiberglassing the decks.


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