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Guys, I aint complaining about the swell! As someone who has spent a good many years going to sea on tugs and fishboats, and on my own boats, I am well aware of the existence of waves and swells, believe me. I didn't just start doing this last summer. The point albeit a small one was that it was rolling into this nice little protected cove at a sort of add angle, and tossing us around quite a bit, wherein the Admiral who gets queasy rather easily wanted to hasten our departure. BTW, you cant see it there but in that small anchorage I did have a stern anchor out as swinging room was scarce. As to boating in largely protected areas, HA! Some of the roughest rides I have taken were just a couple of hours south of where this was, at the junction of Puget Sound and the Straits of Juan de Fuca. A place called Pt. Wilson is notorious for sinking big boats. My dad once years ago spent months there helping a diver friend raise a fish boat that sank there and there are many that have. A big ebb tide and westerly coming in the straits makes it a really rough place at times. Its the only place I was ever at where I watched freight get lost off the barge we towed to Alaska a couple times a month. And its all inside protected waters!
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