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RE: Garmin 2006C-no sonor on the menu.

Fighterpilot wrote:
Checked ebay and at that time. Will check with Garmin first workday. If no luck will look for something used. The 2010c/2006C capability completely adequate for our use. Would like to have duel atation capability one way or another.

As a matter of interest I took the unit to my work bench where I have 12volt power supply. Hooked it up and still no picture--I even pounded it since suspect a weak connection in display screen. No avail. Let if on to heat it up and came back 2 hours later. Still no picture. I tapped it once and the picture came on and stayed. None the less it is some sort of failure mode. Will pursue repair or another used one.

I like the idea of set screw terminals. Will check them out as well. Any suggestions as to a box store that might have them? Thanks
*got mine on ebay from a place in Georgia (I think) for dirt cheap but Radio Shack has them too I think.
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