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Originally Posted by porman View Post
This looks like the same model Cutwater that was in the slip next to mine for the Summer. Two 300hp Yamaha outboards. I first met the owner when I noticed a lot of water coming out a thru hull. It had been raining and he came down to check on his new boat. He told me the water started coming out when he turned on the main battery switches. We pulled a couple floorboards and the bilge was full of water. The bilge pump ran for at least 20 minutes. I was surprised the pump wasn't wired directly to the batteries. Not long after that we headed North for 2 1/2 months. When we returned I noticed a burned smell, and found the Cutwater had suffered some kind of fire damage the week before. Our marina manager told me that another boater had noticed the bow thruster running and no one was on board. When they went to check, they found smoke coming out from the starboard side of the cockpit, where the batteries are located. They immediately started two hoses on it and called the fire department, who showed up in three minutes. They cut the main battery cables and got everything cooled down before a major fire could get started. They pulled out three batteries that were melted half way down. The cabin wiring was melted and there was major smoke damage inside. The boat was pulled out of the water and inspected by someone from Cutwater and an insurance investigator. I do not know the outcome of the investigation, but I think it's a total loss. The boat is still sitting on the trailer in our parking lot.
See bold above.

With pumps wired through batt switches, sounds like operator error to leave boat unattended with batts off. Pumps now inop.

It can be argued whether it is a good idea to have pumps through batt switches, but it is incumbent on the operator to know his system.
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