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Originally Posted by rochepoint View Post
I feel sorry for the owner but really having trouble with buying an almost $400,000 boat and taking it on a delivery run from Port Alberni to Alaska without any insurance.
Not onboard with the no insurance thing (what about liability?), but if the buyer was not an experienced boater, why wouldn’t they think it was ok to go to Alaska on a maiden voyage. Lots of people buy $500k motor homes and head off cross-country the next day, buy $80k trucks and set off on 1000mi trips. And why shouldn’t a $400k boat be just as reliable from the get-go?

Basically, the builder is selling a shoddy product and then doing their best not to take responsibility. The nationality of the selling dealer is completely irrelevant as is the builders and the buyers: the product, the boat, was not “fit for purpose “ and should never have been sold with such a fundamental defect.
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