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Originally Posted by tiltrider1 View Post
I donít doubt that a Canadian dealer was freelancing at the Seattle Boat show. US dealers sell boats to Canadians all the time at the Seattle boat show. Canadian dealers are not allowed to display and sell if there is a Seattle dealer in the show. He uses the Seattle dealers slogan and claim of customer service to complain about the Canadian dealer. I just think here is a lot more to this story.
No doubt. The invoice is from the Canadian dealer, and the floor guy at the boat show probably got a 1% referral fee for his efforts. Perhaps that explains why the floor guy had little time for him, since he was talking to US clients that would generate a more substantial commission. Kind of irrelevant, though. Neither dealer is responsible for making sure that hatches or though hulls are appropriately fitted. They deal with fixing the defects when identified, and in this case, the defect apparently caused the boat to turn turtle at the dock. Since there was no insurance, it's hard to imagine this fellow scuttled his own boat, so I expect that if Cutwater values their brand, they'll find a way to take this vessel back, provide a replacement, refit the capsized boat and sell it to someone else at a bit of a discount.

If you read the surveyor's report, the "sponson" Cutwater attaches to the underside of their enormous swim platform is needed for buoyancy and physical support of two outboards hanging two feet from the transom. However, in manufacturing this, Cutwater leaves unsealed conduit penetrations between the hull and the sponson. Once the sponson fills up with water, and why wouldn't it in any kind of chop, if the bilge pump isn't working, water will flow from the pump outlet into the sponson and then into the hull. On the surface, however clueless the owner turns out to be, this appears to be a case of incredibly poor design. If an operating bilge pump in the sponson is currently critical for the survival of the vessel, the manufacturer should have come up with a sealed unit that doesn't require a fallible component.
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