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Good luck with the build. Sounds like you have researched and planned thoroughly.

Having a fixed price plus change order relationship with the builder is perfect. You will always know exactly what the cost is going to be, not often the case with boat builds. Of course that relies on the design at the time the fixed price was set being effectively complete, and being so close to previous boats they have built it should all go well.

I would have the 4045's rated at M3. They will not use any more fuel, and there is potentially a little more top speed if you want it. Rating at M1 is really for running 24/7 all the time, which is very unlikely. You can still run M3 '24/7' if you need to occasionally, provide that you stay 400 rpm below WOT. More likely you would in practice be at an even lower rpm, so you wont be stressing the engines much at all.
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