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Originally Posted by sean9c View Post
...the interior sure looks small considering it's 38'X14' and I always thought that weight was a big issue on multihulls.
This boat follows my tradition of cramming a 35' interior into a 38' boat. The reality is side decks take up space, a large cockpit with engines takes up space, a boarding platform takes up space, etc, etc. However, these were all requirements that I felt were worth giving up cabin space for.

The original boat I looked in when deciding on this plan was 42' x 13' and was built out in PNW. I put a lot of thought into layout and how small a package I could fit my requirements into and this is the result. I'm satisfied with where we stand now and I have held firm at 38' - there is always pressure to go another foot or two and I'm glad my requirements fit without making that concession.

Certainly not a boat for everyone, but it's a close as I can make it to a proper boat for my needs.
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