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Originally Posted by menzies View Post
Slight digression question.

Your WOT is 3100, and you cruise at 1300. Is that the usual/normal/efficient cruise for your boat/engine?
As N.B. Sea says, these electronic engines don't seem to mind running at low settings. 1300 rpm is 33% load, 7.1 knots, 1.9 gal/h. 3050 rpm on the other hand is 99% load, 17.6 knots, 19.2 gal/h. A top cruising speed would be 2500 rpm, 13.3 knots, 12.1 gal/h. If I'm in a hurry to get somewhere, I take a jet plane - cheaper and much faster . The displacement mode cruise is a little better than half as fast, and over three times as fuel efficient.

Note that the % load is torque produced vs. torque available at that speed.
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