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Originally Posted by Lou_tribal View Post

the color is a die, you should more look at what it is made of.


Green used to always be ethylene glycol with silicates and maybe a few other inhibitors.

Pink used to be mono-propylene glycol, which is much less harmful to the environment)

Now there is also two other types of long life coolants. Organic Aid Technology (OAT) and Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT).
They can be any color, depending on the dye the manufacturer uses. The HOAT I use is green. They also come in purple, orange, pink and yellow.

Do not mix OAT coolants with the old ethylene glycol or you will end up wil a jelly-like mess.

The HOAT coolants can be mixed with either, but I prefer to stick to one type. Both OAT and HOAT coolants are usually recommmended for engines with aluminum parts. Check with you engine manufacturer.
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