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24-Volt - Thruster Batteries -- AGM

FYI - I have both a 24-volt 10-HP bow thruster & 24-volt 13-HP stern thruster.

I use a serial / parallel set up with 4 AGM - Group 31 batteries at each thruster location. I have been VERY happy with them.

Batteries are mounted under the beds, so AGM in a group 31 size was the way to go for me.

I use a Sterling Battery to Battery Charger which works great.
Sterling Part # BB122470

I went with the "ACDelco" brand for the AGM's.

24 Month free replacement warranty.

Pricing is good & durability good.

NOTE: they have both Starting AGM's & Deep Cycle AGM's both. - they are not the same internally !

For the thrusters you usually want the starting type & I prefer a terminal rather than a post battery type hook up .

ACDelco Starting Thruster AGM Battery Part # is: 31 AGM CRT

31AGMCRT= Spec's: -- 110 Ah -- 925 CCA -- RC 190 -- 1140 MCA.

" Technology and Maintenance Council" - (TCM) standards as the benchmark for heavy duty group 31 battery performance - the 31AGMCRT has been tested @ over 850 + cycles of the SAE J2185 cycles operation parameter.
NOTE: the deep cycle 31AGMDCT is J2185 rated @ 950 + cycles.
Deep cycle AGM PT # is: 31 AGM DCT) - if you wanted deep cycle (31AGMDCT spec is: 700CCA - RC 200 - 100 Ah)

Certainly worth looking into.

Good luck.

Alfa Mike
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