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Aluminum Semi-Displacement Catamaran Build

Good morning. I have communicated with a few of you over PM while building my specifications – thank you to those who provided good food for thought! At the suggestion of one of our members, I’ve decided to try documenting the build of a new boat.

The vessel is a 38’ x 14’ x ~2’ semi-displacement, aluminum catamaran being designed in Canada by Scott Jutson and being built by US Workboats in Hubert, NC. This is my second new boat build and my first aluminum boat. After many years of having both wood and fiberglass boats – mostly “yacht finish” boats – I’ve decided to experience the pleasure and pain of aluminum for a change of pace. However, I’m getting too old to continue painting and varnishing (and was frankly never very good at either) so I’m keeping the exterior of this straight up workboat finish and leaving her unpainted above the waterline. Interior will be a little more “yachty”, but not too much.

US Workboats (who spun off of Armstrong Marine in Washington State) do primarily commercial vessels, almost all of them aluminum and many are cats. I’ve seen and been on several of the boats the company’s owner has built over the years and I was fortunate enough to get a sea trial on one of their 42’ x 13’ semi-displacement cats that I’d call a close cousin to my boat. While the PNW is loaded with aluminum boat builders, they are almost unheard of out here on the East Coast. I hope they do a great job with the build and I hope the boat shows well for the company (and for me, of course). I think we need more quality aluminum boat builders on the East Coast and the only way to get that is if there is demand.

She will be powered by two M-1 rated John Deere 4045’s. They will produce 160 hp at WOT of 2300 RPM and should hit my target speed of 14 knots without too much effort. She is in design stage, but we anticipate a fully loaded displacement in the 25,000 lb range (hopefully a little lighter). I’ll do my best to post the type of info that I find interesting when looking at other people’s build threads. I’ve learned from a number of people over the years and figured I’d pay the favor forward if anyone else is considering an aluminum or cat build.

Oh, as an aside, I don’t usually post on forums and I have a pretty bad sense of humor – so I’ll apologize in advance if inadvertently offend anyone. My wife usually proofs my emails to make sure I’m behaving in public but she’s not participating in this thread. 😊

Now - to see if I can upload a couple perspectives.
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