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I think psneeld probably hit the odds pretty accurately. It's a life for very few people. There are no numbers because most of those for whom it didn't work, long ago left any forums. Many of us live aboard when we're not living on land and it's a mix between the two.

You're expressing doubts up front so that makes your odds even poorer than the average. Still none of this says it won't work for you. However, in planning, you need to have Plan A which is it works long term, accompanied by many Plan B's which assume it lasts less than a year, less than 3 years, less than 5 years, etc. Give both plans a lot of attention. If you don't have a good Plan A, no way it will work out. However, the odds are overwhelming you'll need Plan B.

Storage may seem wasteful but if it gives peace of mind, it's worth it. Same with owning a house you're not using. Many rent their homes at least the first year.

Also, consider, if Plan A fails, do you want to return to what you had? I knew a retired couple who started cruising and looping and they sold their home in Michigan before they started. However, that was their decision regardless. They had a 5 bedroom home in Michigan and even if living aboard didn't work out, they wanted something much smaller, much further south in a location to be determined. So, selling their home was in their plans regardless. They also chose a boat they'd want to own regardless of whether living on it full time or just part time.

So that would be my advice to think through and plan all the scenarios so that if it doesn't work out, you're not facing anything you hadn't planned for.
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