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Originally Posted by GregBrannon View Post
Why would what other people do (or don't do) indicate what you'll do? If you're not sure that living aboard is for you, I suggest you work in some realistic trial periods before eliminating the option of returning to a dirt-based life.
Coming from someone who is semi-interested I care alot about the percentage of people who quit short term.

Selling the house and liquidating everything you own is a huge deal. Doing all that only to move back to dirt after a year is even bigger.

If 10% of people make it long term the odds are against you and maybe show that you should ease into it rather than dive in like you said.

I personally think it's good info to know but there's so many variables. I do know ever time I see someone at my dock attempt it and struggle I know i'd need a bigger boat than I want to handle.
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