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Most leave. I've been living on the water, off and on, for 60 years. It depends on the people. Those too concerned with comfort, ease of life, and acquiring too many material items usually can't make it work. Men like living aboard more than most women. Men are dreamers and women are practical. Men will put up with discomfort for the dream. It also depends on how work is shared. And a couple is much closer together (all the time) than what you had in a house.

I always tell people it's a hard life, but with uncommon rewards. Everything has to be hauled to and from the boat, groceries, laundry and other supplies. Usually carried much further than when living in a house or apartment. Carried in the rain or snow in the PNW. And you can have frozen or slippery docks. The galley, reefer, cabinet space and closet space is 10% or less than in a house (in most boats). There is little room for most kitchen appliances, pots and pans and other specialty items that make cooking easier.
If you don't have a good heating/venting setup in the winter in cold places, your clothes, bedding, other cloth can become damp or mildewed. Cheap zippers and snaps will rust. After awhile, you may smell different than your city counterparts. I don't care, but you may.
On the other hand, if you're smart enough to buy a big boat instead of the new, cutest, socially in demand boats, you can take most or all your personal possessions with you. The only things that don't fit are large furniture items and things you no longer need like lawnmowers, rakes, hedge trimmers, etc. With a big boat you also get more safety and comfort in the ocean, room for regular appliances, storage, apartment sized or larger galley, and the room for house like climate control, laundry on board, a dishwasher and a place for your tools. I have all of that, a triple roll around tool box, about 20 power tools, 5 ton air compressor, laundry, double door reefer, dishwasher 2 couches, 2 freezers and so on. I thought of a hot tub. What I don't have is the latest yuppy/millennial boat or any payments.
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