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I donít consider my boat a true motorsailer because it really doesnít sail well using the sails alone, but more of a displacement trawler with sail assist/stabilization.

We looked at the different stabilizer options but felt a smallish sail rig was the best option. Paravanes would have provided more roll control than sails, but the install on my boat would be problematic and I didnít want to lose the speed since Iím already a slow boat. Plus, the thought of a get home system (or get somewhere is more accurate if enough wind) seemed appealing.

I think (but have no real data) that most ďmotorsailersĒ probably use the sails along with the engine at the same time predominantly for roll control and maybe a little extra boost from the wind, so they understand the limitations and are not trying to be the best sailboat out there or the largest motor yacht/trawler/whatever.
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