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RE: Crunch

SeaHorse II wrote:
No Monday morning quarterbacking here.

Years ago I had a 54' Mediterranean Sport Fisher (Hull #1) with 2- 760 hp 8V92s in it. The electronic controls were acting up so the Detroit tech and I took her for a spin. He had his mini computer hooked up in the engineroom to monitor the DDec's electronic system. After collecting a lot of data we headed back to the slip. While approaching my 90 degree left turn to my fairway, I noticed I had lost control of the shifters & throttles on the bridge. As we headed for some very expensive boats at about 3-4 knots, I tried the switch that transfers control to the bridge without success. Knowing that I probably had control at the lower station but no time to get there, I layed the joy stick of the bow thruster hard to port. The Vetus kicked in immediately & the bow started to swing. Just before hitting the finger docks on both sides of an almost new Hatteras, my boat was perpendicular to the finger docks and my hull absorbed the rather hard "bump".* Luckily, the Hatteras did not extend beyond the length of the fingers and I missed hitting it by about 10".

After inspecting my underwear for futher damage, I descended to the salon & sure enough, I had shifter & throttle control there.

Lessons learned? Now I always check my shifter, throttle* & bow thruster before entering a confined space in the marina.

*"Bank Shot"

54, Mediterranean
*HOLY COW.* Kudos to you for grace under pressue.*
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