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RE: Crunch

markpierce wrote:
Anyone have a panic button?

My first reaction would probably be to first turn off the engine and then attempt to fend off or attempt to steer using the existing motion.* But I wasn't there.
Pretty much everyone we talked to said "why didn't he turn the motor off".* But the whole thing happened in less than ten seconds.* So like Marin said, he'd hope he'd think to do...* It is easy in hindsight to say what this guy should have done, but I'm thinking of this as more*a good opportunity to reflect on "what ifs" and think of some kind of general panic plan--shut off the motor? (we also have two so hopefully we'd never lose control of both at once, but we might need to shut off one) grab a boat hook to try and fend off? grab fenders?* what's going to be the fastest thing, most likely to help?** I don't think I'd have tried to jump on the dock--I'd feel that was putting myself in danger.* Fiberglass is fixable.*

This reminds me, a friend was in a mooring field and as the boat in front of her's was leaving, it somehow got its dinghy that was flipped up on the swim platform tangled with my friend's bow mooring line.* As the other boat was trying to leave it was getting pulled into my friend's boat.* she tried to grab fenders but couldn't get to the bow in time to prevent contact.* Sometimes things just happend TOO FAST and crunch happens.*
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