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RE: Is 10 micron enough?

A piece of junk doesn't know if it is in a recreational trawler fuel line or a tugboat fuel line. But since you mentioned changing filters while underway, that little joy seems to be more prevalent on this forum than on commercial boats in similar coastwise service.

My point is that the engine and injection system manufacturer have a much greater investment in keeping their products working reliably than a recreational user. If they thought a 2 micron filter provided any advantage they would use them.

I have yet to read about anyone having much concern for their oil filter and if particulates get through that one they can do more expensive damage much quicker than the fuel filters. Does anyone even know the micron rating of their oil filters? No? H'mmm ... does that mean we think the engine manufacturer knows what it is talking about with regard to lube oil but has it all wrong about fuel?

What do you think the RNLI boats do for filtering? They operate even less than the average yachtie and their fuel tanks get stirred up a lot more when they do go out.
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