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More information:

So here's what it looks like installed and the Energyguide label.

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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Basically, I had to widen the opening to a crumb over 24". Removing the drawer below gave me the vertical height I needed. The unit also had to go 3 to 4" further into the cabinet. The body of the refrigerator is flush with the cabinet and the door sticks out about 3". I'd like to tell you everything was right on the first insertion, but it wasn't. I think it went in and out 4 times as the clearances are about 1/16" and the rails needed to be square with the sides and the cabinet opening.

So what holds it in place? There are stop blocks on the rails that keep it from going further back. There is a stop block on the left front rail to keep it from coming forward (door hinge was in the way on the right side). Both sides have almost zero clearance from top to bottom. What's left is for it to tilt forward or backward. While I may fit a wood strip between the top front of the fridge and the cabinet opening, it probably isn't necessary. Simply, the friction from one side or the other of refrigerator touching the inside of the cabinet wall, makes it almost impossible for 2 people to intentionally tip it.

Wanted to get these pics posted before I lose bandwidth. More to come.

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