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I would not expect differences in semi-displacement boats (e.g. Mainship and Grand Banks) to be substantial for your intended use. Clearly you would wait for reasonable weather as these boats are not built for heavy seas. With your good seamanship and weather sense from sailing, you should be safe and comfortable.

The Mainships have nice features, such as stairs instead of ladders and little or no exterior wood. I like the 35/39 & 40 with the galley up, so you can see out, and the salon opening to the aft deck. The helm below allows the person at the controls to easily transition to line handling on the starboard side.

I don't know about the range, but you could look at the NMPG for various engines in the Mainship 390 and do an "armchair" cruise down the coast. Comodave highlights an important consideration about reserve fuel. I suspect you would have the capability to do it.

Good Luck Sir
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