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Hurricane Michael Panama City area

We now have the distinction here of having been clobbered by just about the most powerful hurricane to make landfall in the US. I believe it compares well with Hurricane Andrew which hit the Miami/Homestead area.

It is now 17 days since the strike, and things like water and power are mostly restored, but 22,000 customers are still without power. I spoke to the power crew supervisor rebuilding the power grid in my neighborhood, and he said in 25 year he had never seen the like.

The eye wall winds across most of Panama City proper were from the north while the widely publicized winds which destroyed Mexico Beach just twenty miles east were southerly.

While I do not know what happened to the Bay Point Marina off the more sheltered north side of Grand Lagoon, I have seen photos of the devastation to the boat barns on the south side.

Sun Harbor Marina and the two city marinas loopers and other transients are familiar with are out of action. All surviving vessels in the St Andrews city marina are ordered to leave until the place is rebuilt. A friend lost his 42-foot trawler there. I am not sure any vessels survived Panama City Marina at the foot of Harrison Avenue.

The big Miller Marine boatyard here has been put out of action due to the toppling of some boats, mostly sail, and the resultant stalemate due to insurance claims. NONE of the many boats lifted out of the water before the storm are being placed back in the water. I would know, because I can hear their travel lift from my home.

Tyndall Air Force Base and its marina are destroyed. Friends who kept their boat there have a photo of their 44-foot ketch's masts sticking out of the bay.

The best protection from this beast was to leave the area with your boat either on a trailer or by water or to hide the vessel in a protected bayou or canal.

We anchored a sailboat which uses my pier as home base across the bayou with a Fortress FX-37 I loaned him, a crappy little Danforth style, and a smallish CQR. The darned thing survived.

My boat was spider-webbed way up a narrow canal in chest-deep water and suffered only $200 in damage when a big pine fell across it - tree was stopped short of doing more damage by its own lower limbs preventing it completely collapsing into the bayou.
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