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I've just put Pettit Hydrocoat ECO on my boat. Has only been in 2 months but performing well as far as slime goes. The paint handles nicely, goes on with a very short nap roller and looks like complete crap, then levels out very nicely smooth in the next few minutes. Smoother than I could get rolling and tipping Pettit Trinidad. Adhesion seems quite good - but we sanded to the barrier coat first. It doesn't stink at all, and you can wash with water if you are very quick. If you wait very long at all, then solvent is required. Each coat seems to take a little more paint, first coat we had left over from 1 gallon, second coat 1 gallon did it, third coat ran out and had to buy another quart (34' boat).

Pettit's compatibility chart is here.
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