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RE: GPS settings, and Wind Turbine charging

Ok guys, I take your point about track up being less important in open ocean with long passages far from obstructions. Maybe I am more in favour of the track up because where we boat in Moreton Bay, the Southern part anyway is filled with narrow channels between sandy shoals, so there is a lot of buoy negotiating to be done. However, I must concede I still like to check GPS against a type of chart, in the form of an excellent book put out each year now by an organisation called Maritime Safety Queensland, but started by a local boating enthusiast here called Ken Brown, called Beacon to Beacon. This is a bit like a boat equivalent to your local street guide, but with all sorts of additional information, including aerial photos of the numbered anchorages with advice re depths, and bottom type etc. I guess you would have similar for the Chesapeake etc..? Do you have nav aids like this..?
Have a gander at it here....
It's very helpful, and much more contemporaneous than outdated full sea charts.
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