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Originally Posted by DBA View Post
We have Pilgrim 40 hull #11, Dreamboat Annie. I put in a second bilge pump several years ago. For all her life until then she just had the one pump under the shaft log at the end of the bilge. The second pump is on the front of the wall that drops to the lower bilge under the Aquadrive and the iron brace across that supports the shaft. The second pump is mounted approximately 6 inches higher than the main bilge. The original pump is wired to a circuit breaker on the main panel (in the pilot house) and can be turned on and off - not necessarily good. The backup pump is wired so that it is always on, except when the boat is pulled for the winter - there is a dedicated, discrete toggle switch in the basement that has to be purposely turned off. There is also an alarm from the second pump at the panel. If water has reached that second pump, you need to get busy!

I do have a Gusher manual pump with a lot of flexible plastic hose to reach the bilge and go overboard, but I agree with others that it would be better timewise to address the leak than to attempt to get out the manual arrangement and set that up.

Have you joined the Pilgrim Owners Group? It's online through Wiki. It's a wonderful resource for Pilgrims, with some highly knowledgeable members who respond with valuable advice.

Great boats! Ted Gozzard made a terrific trawler. We are fortunate to own one, as less than 50 were made.
Your pump configuration sounds good. Yes, I am on our Pilgrim forum; posted the bilge pump inquiry on there prior to putting it on here. My boat is 'Serena,' hull #10.
Joe C.
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