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Originally Posted by twistedtree View Post
So save you some hassle, when you go to the FCC web site, what you want to get is an "SA", Ships Station License. As part of that, you check a box saying you also want an MMSI. This will get you both a VHF call sign and an MMSI, and set you up to be compliant in other countries.

I don't think it's possible to just get an MMSI - it has to accompany an SA license, either new or existing.

What's funky about MMSIs is that they are supposed to stay with the boat when it changes hands, much like a Documentation number. But in practice, the MMSI is companion to an SA, and an SA has to be cancelled when you sell a boat, so the MMSI gets cancelled along with it.
The captain has an RROP and our CURRENT sailboat has the MMSI (yes, SA) as we travel in foreign waters. So according to others (and what I've read), I need to cancel the current MMSI on the sailboat and apply for a new MMSI on the trawler. We already have the RROP so no need to reapply for that. Right?
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