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Sounds like you can apply for the previous owner's (boat's) MMSI so you dont have to change the equipment programming....


"How to Update or Change an MMSI Registration

If your MMSI registration information or contact information changes for any reason, you must update your registration.* If you sell your DSC-equipped radio or AIS or the boat these devices are mounted on, you must cancel your MMSI registration and should inform the new owner of the need to reregister the MMSI.* This is necessary to ensure that the Coast Guard is able to contact the right persons if a distress situation were ever to occur.* These registration changes can be accomplished by contacting the organization or agency which originally registered your MMSI.* If you do not know which organization registered your MMSI, you can identify that organization by comparing your existing MMSI against those listed in the document*MMSI ship station blocks allocated in the US*(updated 20 June 2018)."
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