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RE: GPS settings, and Wind Turbine charging

Conrad, no offense, but I definitely would not like driving with you. You too Edelweiss. Come on guys - get with progress. Just because you grew up with flat paper charts/street maps is no reason to continue the mental gymnastics of vertical transposition as you move along. North up is just a convention so one can compare one chart with another, and it so happens the magnetic pole is sort of up north, tho not exactly. We do not travel north only do we? I tell you now, having been forced to do that 2 days, it is a crazy way to navigate in a boat, let alone a car....I urge you both to give it a try (track up), once more, and see if you don't find it a great deal more intuitive and natural. It makes it just like driving a car round cones on a road. The GPS shows you where north is all the while with a wee North arrow in the corner or edge of the screen - you won't get lost, and the sky will not fall on your heads...really. But...each to his own I guess...

Eric, like FF says, the new carbon fibre materials and superior design of the blades make the modern wind turbines virtually inaudible to nearby boats. We in the boat even only hear a swishing noise and a faint whine transmitted through the pole to the hull via the mounts, but it does not intrude. Nowhere near as much as a motor, even a well-shrouded and sound-proofed one.
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