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Originally Posted by Crosby-dog View Post
Thanks AusCan. A motorsailor is a potential option, or just upgrading an enclosed pilothouse sailboat.

A new question - at what point is a trawler - say a Maineship 40 as was suggested or a Grand Banks 40-ish really no fun on a coastal ocean passage? We're not sailing to Bermuda, we're usually just hugging the coast a few miles out along Long Island or Jersey, but it can get big out there and that's what we do a lot.

The sailboat displaces 23,000 lbs and we are having fun in up to about 6'-7' ocean swell with a decent period of like 8-10 seconds. Tighter and bigger than that we start to wish we stayed in.

I realize this is a subjective question. I'm just looking for thoughts on how restricted would I'd be in doing coastal passages like that in a trawler like the ones suggested.

Thanks again.

Edit: I guess I'm looking for sort of the max "comfortable and safe" marine forecast for a coastal ocean passage on these boats.
Swells yes; waves no.
My 45' trawler can easily do 7'+ seas, but it's no fun. While I haven't timed it, 6' to 7' at 10 seconds plus would probably be fine, not at 7 seconds. If you plan to go out in the rougher stuff, pay special attention to the interior of boats you're looking at. Low center of gravity and things built in will make a big difference.

For another benchmark on fuel economy, I repowered my semi planing hull boat with a 135 HP engine. 95% of the time I cruise 7 knots at 2 GPH. 8 knots consumes 3.7 GPH. The original engine supposedly would yield 14 knots at 21 GPH.

The final consideration on speed: Until you factor in current, 7 knots is just that, all the time and directly into the wind. Depending on your cruising, you may find that a sustained speed (+/- current) may be a significant time reduction compared to what you are use to.

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