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Welcome aboard..... similar boat (haha) here.... Last boat was a Catalina 42 which carried me over 7000 miles, 6 of those off shore, half of that solo. Total fuel burn.... 400 gallons.

But we want more space, no more wet and cold, to get there in X hours and not "maybe today" and we don't want to cook in a 30 heeled galley anymore....

I've been studying it for a long time, as I can't quite pull the trigger yet. (Few more in the salt mines, then I can get to my money). I have found similar results to what Dhayes is saying.

You WILL burn a LOT more fuel. If that's an issue, stop now.
You will NOT spend as much time on large(r) water. Calm days, in and out to "steal" a few hundred miles. The ICW is going to be your friend.
There are Long Range Cruisers that WILL do what you want, but that $$ figure you quoted ain't buying them.....

So there's going to be compromise..... Every night after dishes my sweetie and I sit and look at boat porn.... Every day we get a little closer to where we think we want to be.
Currently boatless but looking. Avatar is my first boat....Holland, 1965 ish.....
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