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Welcome Crosby.

I went from a Catalina 400 to a North Pacific 43. My Catalina with an Autoprop would cruise about 6.5 knots at 3/4 gph. Less fuel burn if motorsailing.

In making the switch to the NP43 I gained about 1 knot in cruise speed at 2 gph. Iíve never looked back. I love the new boat. We sailed year round, but it is lot nicer in a warm pilot house sipping a hot cup of coffee.

You would not be happy with what I did. You want to be able to cover more ground in less time than your sailboat. To get this, you will need to either go MUCH bigger to get a longer waterline, or you will need to accept the high fuel burn of a planing or SD hull shape to get you into double digit boat speed. In either case, you will have significantly higher fuel costs.

I was really concerned about fuel burn when I started looking. Even though I am still a cheap SOB Sailor at heart, Iíve come to recognize that for my type of use, fuel costs are only a small part of my yearly cost of use. I still am frugal on the throttle, but I donít worry about it as much as I used to. Iím still not used to going to fuel docks as I typically would only do that once a year in my sailboat.

Iíll stay out of the twins/single debate, but I have a single with thrusters and am very happy.

One issue that does concern me is the long offshore passages. Trips that are not a big deal in your sailboat could be very unhappy experiences in a power boat unless it is designed for it and has stabilization. A sailboat is simply a better platform for dealing with moderate seas. In making the switch to power, you will need to alter your acquired weather sense. When you see a forecast or look out at the water, you will need to recalibrate what your go, no-go decisions. Iíve finally gotten much better at making that transition, but only after making a couple very big errors and once scaring the crap out of my wife while getting ourselves royally beat up. The boat was fine, it just wasnít any fun.

Anyway, you are looking for efficient, fast, seaworthy, and reasonably priced. I donít think you can get it all but good luck with the search. When you settle on something, I think you will be very happy.

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