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The odor outside the boat is from the waste holding tank, forced out the vent when you flush. Obviously the "deodorizer" you're using isn't working..but it may not be entirely the product's fault.

However, it's unlikely the tank is the source of your odor in your salon unless it's coming in through an open window on the same side as the tank vent thru-hull. Otherwise the most likely source is permeated sanitation hoses.

You asked if there's a filter in the vent line. The first thing you need to do is trace the vent line from the top of the tank all the way to to the VENT thru-hull to find out. If there is, get rid of it..filters actually help to create the very problem they're sold to solve (if only I could have invented something that does that!) If there is no filter, a long convoluted vent line makes the air exchange the tank needs to prevent odor impossible.

I could go on typing here for volumes but ALL of this--what causes odors and how to cure, better yet, prevent 'em--is explained in detail in my books (see link in my signature...just click on the title). There are always issues to specific to any system that can't be covered in any book, and I'm always glad to help you deal with those.

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