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Substantial sized engine repair shop is on site in our marina. Think that the building and yard space rental is the deal between the mechanic-shop and marina's conglomerate-group owners.

Over the last 10 years we've had good work performed by them. We live 100 miles from the Marina; getting there to just do work is not easily fit into our schedule.

Recently I contacted the front desk scheduling girl [owner's daughter] with request to repair small leak in proximity where this past spring they installed a new impeller in raw water pump on gen set.

I was told they would no longer like to do work on any older boats' equipment. Ours is a 1977 Tollycraft with exceptionally clean and really good condition, easily accessible 1977 running gear. She's an original beauty! I keep the full stand-up, huge salon floor hatched engine compartment in nearly pristine condition... kinda my fetish aboard my boats.

So, knowing the lead mechanic fairly well... I've twice emailed his private address asking if I understood correctly regarding them no longer wanting to work on older boat equipment, such as mine. Each email I also asked for a reference name of someone in area who would do items needed... if he has decided to no longer service boat's the age of ours. So far no reply.

Tomorrow I'm going to arrive early to our boat for installing 4 new batts in our house bank [current four batts lasted nearly 10 years] and to accomplish some other items to. The mechanic shop is often open on Saturday in the AM. Hope to catch someone there for a chat!

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