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Originally Posted by djmarchand View Post
As others have noted it is probably a fuel problem or a shutdown issue. The shutdown issue is easier to diagnose. Just disconnect the leads to the temp sensor, then oil pressure sensor and see if it shuts down. Then replace the sensor that causes it.

You have replaced all of the fuel lines, replaced fuel filters, etc. But how about the fuel pickup pipe. Sometimes they have an inlet screen or check valve that plugs. I had a check valve at the top of the fuel tank plug with goop and after cleaning it out the engine ran fine.

Good suggestions. I will do the sensor disconnect next time.

I thought about the tank pipe exit myself, but it is a messy job to take it apart and hard to get to it. Plus, there is a Racor dedicated to the generator between the tank pipe and the generator's fuel hose. The Racor is full and looks very clean. I just replaced the filter recently.
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