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Originally Posted by LeoKa View Post
Does this cover all your needs, or you still need to run your Gen.?

I have two banks, 12V, total of 840 AHR (4 Trojans 6V each bank).
Simple enough question, but not a simple answer!

Firstly, the only gen I have now is a Honda. In winter (Jun-Jul for me) I will often run it, but I have not run it in the last two months. Better insolation post-winter, and in part because I've been at lower latitude as well. Also, i have been moving a little each day for a lot of the time and each engine has a 200A alternator.

My bank is 1284 Ah. It is a fairly good match to my solar capacity. I do use a lot of power compared to many: overnight consumption is invariably more than 400 Ah. Reefer and freezer are big users, but I have a lot of other small loads. Many of these could be avoided eg turn the KVH sat dome, TV/set-top box off. But I usually don't bother.

Were I doing it all again I would have a gen, and aircon.
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