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OK, here goes, all from and Amazon:

Solar panel, most bang for the buck-


MC4 Cables-

Just an example. Amazon has MC4 cables in various lengths. Or buy marine cable and hook up MC4 connectors to panel end and use spade terminals at the controller end.

MC4 Cable pigtail. Use to make last connection to controller-

Or just cut off the MC4 connector at the controller end, crimp on a spade connector and hook up to the controller.

Solar panel mounting brackets-

Fuse holder. Mount within seven inches (per ABYC) from battery terminal-

8 gauge tinned wire between controller and fuse-

8 gauge is ok for a single panel if the fuse is 80A. For four panels/controllers all connected to the fuse then use #4 wire and the 150A fuse shown.

Misc glue, spade crimps, nuts and bolts

Double, triple or quadruple each of the above in parallel (except for fuse) for more capacity.

Please send consulting fee to .......

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