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RE: We have the boat pic thread, what about what YOU look like?

dwhatty wrote:Peter B wrote:dwhatty wrote:
Scary is right! Imagining those who have communicated with you through what they have written is often much more pleasant than the photograph of them that is supposed to supplant the proverbial "thousand words". Its why some of us over a "certain age" leave the light off at night during some vaguely remembered human docking maneuvers. Well, here's this scary Downeast duo: at a party last August saying goodbye to the woodie (no pun intended, of course).

-- Edited by dwhatty on Tuesday 14th of December 2010 06:20:06 PM
*Hey David, this is one of my best friends, Andy.* We both go back to NZ days when were were...well...lets just say a lot younger.* Did you know you had a long lost twin brother down-under..?

PS...blast, you've changed your Avatar pic - can you post it up down below here somewhere so folks can see the likeness...I think...

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Yes, I can see the resemblance.



Or, did you mean this one?:


Yeah...that one...
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