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Originally Posted by Boat View Post
By the same argument the reamer will sag also. Can't support it everywhere, all the time. Tolerances for everything.

Shipyards build boats with acceptable vibration levels on a regular basis. There is at least one boat like yours with acceptable levels. There is someone out there, not too far away, who can make this very simple.

There is someone here who posts a tagline that says something like:
Once you buy the boat you are only the caretaker for the next buyer.

You just get some time with the boat and your time is passing. You never get the time back. If what you want is elaborate theoretical diagnostics then that's good too. I can understand that and be happy for you.

I'd like to be a Diesel Duck lifer until my time is up. Fixing this vibration has become my obsession, though that may not be shared by Seahorse.
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