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Propellers - sizing

You don't mix metric & SAE English measurement together on same propeller.

Swing or Diameter is usually measured in inches - so about D= 25"

Pitch is also usually measured in inches -- so about P=16"

Shaft Diameter is usually measure in inches for us down here in the states.

Guessing if it is around 45 mm - then that converts to approximately
shaft Dia. - 1&3/4".

Next very important detail is direction of rotation for forward movement of boat !

I see one is a LH rotation & one is a RH rotation.

it is very important to mention that.

So as I see it you have a 26-RH-16 & a 25-LH-16 & both are about 1&3/4 inch shaft sizing.

They look in good shape. IMHO - Pricing seems fair to generous to me.

Good luck with the sale.

Alfa Mike
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