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Tipping a dockhand

GonzoF1 wrote:I'm still curious, John, why you are discouraging us to tip?
I have to say I agree with John.* I tip in the usual places--- restaurants, hotels, etc. although I don't like the practice.* But I don't tip at marinas, fuel docks, boatyards, etc.* My reasoning is that people are paid to do a job. If that job entails providing helpful service to customers, that's what they get paid to do and that's what they should do.* If the only way they will provide good service is to be tipped, then they should seek a different kind of job.

Tipping is still a very western thing.* When we go to China, for example, tipping hotel staff, porters, cab drivers, etc. is not expected.* It's certainly not refused if offered, but it is always accepted with a great deal of surprise.* The attitude seems to be this is my job so I'll do it, no bribe required.* What makes this nice is that the service level in places like China is so far above what you typically get in the west to be almost out of sight.

Of course China and here are apples and oranges in this respect.* I learned that over there even the lowliest bell boy will come from a very wealthy family and most likely has his own home, car, etc as a result.* Jobs in hotels, restaurants, etc. are considered super-high status jobs, they are very difficult to get, and the only way a person can get one is to have wealthy and influential parents.* So unlike waitresses in the US these people don't view tips as any sort of necessary augmentation to their income--- they're doing just fine without it.

But my own personal philosophy is that if a peson is being paid to do a job, then they should do the job they are being paid to do.* If that job includes helping boaters dock, hooking up their groundpower line, and taking theiir trash to the dumpster, then that's what they should be doing with no additional incentive from me.*

If in their view they are not being paid enough for what the job entails, then they should either negotiate a higher pay rate or change jobs.* If they are incapable of doing either one, it's not my responsibility to offset this incapability.

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