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RE: Tipping a dockhand

markpierce wrote:GonzoF1 wrote:
We tip when we get really good help with docking and an certainly when an employee goes above and beyond thier duties.
*How often does that occur?* How do you define "above and beyond their duties"?* Haven't seen service beyond handing me the fuel hose and taking my money, or office personnel giving information over the phone on approach route and water depth.

*We were changing marinas in the spring. During part of the trip we were delayed and wouldn't arrive at our destination until well after closing time. We called ahead to find out what slip we were assigned and told them we'd be late. Keep in mind we had never docked in this marina before and really didn't know for sure where we needed to go. Without us asking, the dockmaster stayed on duty until we arrived and was at our slip waiting for us (even without hailing on VHF 16) to grab our lines. We spotted him $20 for that.

THAT, sir, is what I call going above and beyond.

I'm still curious, John, why you are discouraging us to tip? A kind word to the manager or to the dockhand themselves should be the LEAST you do. A kind word is nice, but doesn't spend very well at the grocery store. :-) I tip a lot of people when they deserve it. It* often surprises them and hopefully encourages them to continue their winning ways. Waitresses expect it and know they are working for it. Dockhands (and other service personnel) do not, and when you point out the really good behavior with a gift, it not only helps them, it makes you feel good (and scores you big points in the future). And I have never had them continue to expect one. To me, tipping is just being nice with a dollar sign in front of it.
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