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RE: Tipping a dockhand

I suspect there is a big difference between east coast marinas and the relatively funky marinas we get out here.


Now having lived bicoastal, there is a significant cultural difference between West and East coasts when it comes to tipping service personnel. I don't know if it reflects a greater social stratification on the East coast or if it's just a different social norm.*

There are a number of "funky marinas," (as well as nice ones) on the East coast where they have a stable of dockhands available to help you out -- often high school kids working for the summer. They may or may not get a minimal wage and depend on tips for their compensation.

I have no problem tipping them if they actually do provide a service, but I've always had a hard time paying someone to do what I usually do myself. In boating, that includes tying up and plugging in my power cord.


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