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Tipping a dockhand

The difference may be the type of marina.

Some of the big transient marinas are full of dock hands that tie you up, plug you in, hook up the water, take your trash on the dock cart, come back with info packets,provide good local knowledge*etc...etc.* If they are GOOD and their work doesn't require you to redo everything....I'll throw them a five at least....Kinda like chambermaids at hotels...usually I don't leave anything at a cheap overnight stay...but at better places where the effort is more...then it's rewarded.

I ALWAYS tip the pumpout guy/gal...that comes from the days I occasionally did it when I was a captain at*a Marine Max Marina/Sea Ray dealership.* That job deserves it as often the equipment isn't perfect or perfectly clean.

At little mom and pop places where it's the unless there they do some work on the boat.* However...if it's a great marina and there are yard/dock hands...I'll offer some money to the coffee fund or bring back some doughnuts if I'm there a couple days or more.

Having worked in and around the marine industry at the blue collar level for about 12 years now...most workers think the average boater is a "cheap bastard"...I don't agree with that assesment but it often comes from many boaters who just barely pay for services and still want things for free or assistance at their beck and call.* I would say true s cruisers don't fit this description unless they are the "cruisin on a budget" type usually of the ragbagger breed.

As an assistance tower I never expect a tip but often receive one.**I usually ask/offer suggestions to help the person out with their problem. Usually after being tipped well, I'll go out of my way to help them...sometimes fixing their problem and saving them hundreds in a*repair bill.*

So I can say while not expected and definitely appreciated tipping can do exactly what it is designed to do.


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