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RE: Tipping a dockhand

We have experienced docking help from a marina staff only a couple of times in the past 13 years. Once at Deer Harbor which we no longer go to as the place is not worth the cost and a couple of times at Silva Bay when the marina manager came down to show us which slip to use. Other than that we have always gotten ourselves into the slip and we have never had any staff come down to assist. They probably would if we asked but we've never had occasion or reason to ask. And if we did we would not tip them.

I suspect there is a big difference between east coast marinas and the relatively funky marinas we get out here. The couple of upscale marinas here might "suggest" tipping--- Roche Harbor and Deer Harbor are the only ones that come to mind although there may be others in the south Sound. But we only use Roche Harbor for customs--- we can't stand the atmosphere there so would never stay--- and Deer Harbor is much the same. We never feel that the marinas in BC even consider tipping let alone expect it.

So it's a non-issue for us.
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